How To Get A Replacement FENSA Certificate

You will likely have come across the FENSA logo at some point when searching for a home improvement company as FENSA is a respected body responsible for regulating window and door specialists.

To be granted full FENSA membership, companies in the industry must be able to demonstrate a very high standard of service and installation – something that Hazlemere did to originally acquire member status and continues to do.

We have been a proud member of FENSA for 16 years now having passed their stringent set of assessments back in 2002. It’s something that we like to emphasise on our different pieces of promotional material as it informs homeowners that Hazlemere is a firm they can trust.

Anyone who appoints a FENSA member for a new window or door installation receives a FENSA certificate at the end of the project as this denotes that any work conducted has been done in accordance with current building regulations.

This certificate comes via FENSA once we have informed them of the work we have done. If you choose a non-FENSA member, you will have to make contact with Local Building Control, ask them to give the installation the green light and pay the required fee. It makes sense to stick to a FENSA member as we take care of everything.

Back to that certificate though!

When given a copy, put it away in a very safe place as this needs to be passed on to the next occupier of the house if you sell up – a misplaced or lost certificate could delay the sale process.

If after a good look around the house you come to the conclusion that the certificate is lost, it can easily be replaced.

All you have to do is visit the FENSA website and both confirm where you live and pay the £25 charge per certificate needed. You will then receive a replacement copy.

FENSA membership isn’t the only accreditation we hold. You can see our full list of accreditations here.


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