Summer Home Interior Decoration Ideas

Summer has most certainly arrived with large parts of the region experiencing one of the warmest starts in years to what most people would consider to be their favourite season.

Summer House Internal Image With Garden View

This glorious weather will be emphasising your home interior like at no other time of the year and often it’s when it’s in the spotlight like this that you realise it could do with a little freshening up.

You don’t need a healthy bank account nor hours and hours of free time to rejuvenate your home interior and make it an exciting place to live. You will quickly realise this when we take you through some of the hottest home trends of the moment, all of which you should have no trouble implementing into your own residence.  

Create a tropical paradise

Householders naturally want to bring an element of the outdoors indoors at this time of the year. That can of course be achieved via the installation of patio, French or bi-folding doors; however, you can also introduce tropical prints into your living set-up.

An ascent wall adorned with tropical inspired wallpaper is a nice way to add some colour and pattern to a room without it being too overbearing. Alternatively, why not install some tropical house plants in key areas like a simple spider plant or the lesser known Dracaena Corn Plant, something that needs very little light and water to grow.

Nifty neon lights

Lightboxes have been a huge seller on the High Street in recent times, displaying pre-defined and personalised messages such as “Home Sweet Home”. They’re now being overtaken as an essential home accessory by neon lights which are available showing similar kinds of messages relating to home and other walks of life.

You can also buy neon lights produced in the shape of popular objects such as the moon and animals, like the flamingo. Plug them in and they are unmissable due to the vibrancy of the neon light.  

Fabulous fringes

Fringes are most definitely making a comeback and we’re not talking about the dodgy haircuts that so many of us used to have. No, we’re referring to fringe detailing on various types of home furnishings and accessories such as cushions, table lamps, armchairs, lampshades etc.

Here is an example of the type of product we’re talking about, a multi fringed cushion that would be a lovely addition to many different kinds of settee.

Don’t forget to redecorate other places too!

These ideas could also easily be executed in any new or existing conservatory or orangery as they’re not just reserved for traditional living spots and will be just as impactful throughout summer and beyond.

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