Need Some Home Improvement Inspiration?

Spring is usually the season when we give our homes some much needed TLC and get our hands dirty to scrub away and remove any traces of winter. Your property deserves a similar level of attention in summer, particularly on the outside of the building as the extended hours of daylight put home exteriors firmly in the spotlight.

Flush Casement Windows

Every proud homeowner wants visitors to their humble abode to be impressed by what they see before them. If you have an inkling that may not currently be the case where you live, it’s time to get it looking shipshape for summer.

Don’t worry; it will take a lot less effort to transform your home than it does to get body beautiful in time for any summer jaunt you have planned!

Here are three of our best home improvement inspiration tips…

Clean your windows and doors

When was the last time you cleaned your windows and doors? Most people do it infrequently, if at all, and you’d be amazed at the difference it can make, even to low-maintenance window and door designs.

All you need is a wet soapy cloth to remove any marks or dirt that has built up on the window / door frame and a squeegee to lose any visible streaks on the glass. They’ll be gleaming once you have done.

Window and door upkeep is very easy work if you have the latest UPVC or aluminium windows and doors fitted as they’re weather-resistant. If you haven’t yet upgraded your old windows and doors, check out our new window and door ranges.

Replacement front door

On the topic of doors, a new front door could be what your home is crying out for more than anything else as just the look of your entranceway can set the tone for the entire house.

We offer UPVC, composite and timber doors in just about every conceivable style and in a fabulously eclectic choice of coloured finishes from traditional white to the deepest darkest red.

Its presence certainly won’t go unnoticed by guests and when it’s nicely furnished too people will be itching to have something similar for their residence.

Bi-Folding / French / Patio Door installation

Your garden area is likely to have been the busiest place at the house for a large portion of the summer thanks to the spectacular weather we have experienced recently.

Exiting the inside of the house for the garden can be done in a more sophisticated fashion following the integration of bi-folding / French / patio doors into any available wall space you have at the rear.

They can be configured accordingly and deliver a delectable opening to marry together home and garden in the most attractive style possible. Your barbecue will be in constant use once you become accustomed to switching environments so smartly.

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