What Is A FENSA Certificate? Let Hazlemere Fill You In

When searching for a home improvement specialist to supply you with a brand new set of windows and doors or home extension you may have spotted the FENSA logo on the marketing literature of some companies.

FENSA will mean nothing to a lot of householders if they’ve never employed a home improvement firm before but it is useful to have some awareness of who FENSA are and what it is they do if you want a guaranteed trusted company.

Standing for the Fenestration Self Assessment Scheme and set-up by the Glass and Glazing Federation, FENSA regulate double glazing companies and ensure that everything they fit and supply complies with Building Regulations. It is the principal Competent Person Scheme in the UK.

Hazlemere Windows has been a FENSA member since 2002 which shows that we’re committed to quality and meet the desired industry standard. You can find our FENSA profile by doing an installer search here.

Choosing a FENSA member like us for any installation work at your home guarantees you that it is certified and registered and meets building regulations. Neglecting to appoint a FENSA member could mean that the work isn’t certified and you will have go to the trouble of organising certification directly with your local authority and seeing to all the relevant paperwork yourself.

At the conclusion of a project, the FENSA member you choose will also hand you a certificate to prove that the work complies with building regulations, something you won’t get from a non-FENSA member. If you are intending to undertake the work yourself, you will also have to take responsibility for the organising of getting a certificate from your local authority.

This certificate should always be kept in a safe place as you need to hand it over to any future occupant of the house when selling. It is not the end of the world if you lose it as you can order a replacement certificate via the FENSA website at a cost of £25 including VAT.

There’s far less headaches involved when you appoint a FENSA member, that’s for certain.

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