Why two for one cannot be done

Genuinely compliant, tested and approved energy rated replacement two for one replacement double glazing just can’t be done unless the installer is losing money or inflating the cost of the other window and/or door or even possibly not fitting the quality of products required to meet Building Regulations.

We’ve all seen buy one, get one free deals in supermarkets, and even heard about them being offered on double glazing, but in our heart of hearts know that they are not really as good a deal as they seem as we all know deep down nothing is for free. In the case of two for one offers, more often than not the supermarkets are buying in the promoted items at a reduced cost from their suppliers for a limited period in order to help boost their own sales by increasing foot traffic through their stores.

Consequently, unless a replacement double glazed window is being sold at a massively inflated price, or a deal has been done with suppliers, or the window is actually being given away free (unlikely!), fair priced window installers simply don’t have the margin to give a whole window away free.

Firstly, to be able to actually give away a bespoke made product they would need to get a professional surveyor to do a free survey. Secondly, they’d have to buy in custom made double glazed sealed units for nothing, along with all the other raw materials needed to make replacement windows like gaskets, friction hinges, locking systems and window handles. Thirdly, they would need to manufacture or buy in compliant UPVC or aluminium or wood framed glazing systems as well as pay the fabricators. After all that they would need to get fitters (who are likely to be sub-contractors) to agree to deliver and install the window for free using their own van, fuel, silicone, builders caulk and plaster etc. –  I’m sure you’d agree it extremely unlikely commercial businesses and fitters would do this.

The bottom line is that unless a double glazing supplier is happy to lose money, then buy one, get one free deals are obviously fantasy, and the only way of funding them is to hide the cost of the second window in the first window and/or other products they are pricing for. Another thing worth checking out if you do decide to take up a two for one deal is to check out that the “free” window comes with a guarantee. The way round this is to insist that you pay half-price for both windows, which legally obligates the installer to provide whatever warranty they say they will give on both windows. This does not “guarantee” the warranty is worth the paper it is written on, but certainly will help in any argument with the double glazing company or Trading Standards over any issues that arise with the product, sealed units and/or the installation over time.

All FENSA Registered installers are obligated to provide every replacement window and/or door customer with an insurance backed warranty as part of the package, so yet another item that has a fixed premium and obviously is not “free”.

Consequently, for any double glazing company to be sustainable throughout the 10 year period of a standard industry warranty, they need to make a profit to pay all their suppliers and staff, plus have enough left over to be able to offer a genuine guarantee, so quite simply two for one bespoke windows just can’t be done.


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