What does the colour of your front door say about you?

Our engineered timber doors are highly secure, low maintenance and non warping. More importantly, they are extremely attractive and provide some beautiful colour options. You may be curious to find out what the colour of your front door says about you and your home.

Why choose an Engineered Timber door?

When considering your new front door a few criteria may come to mind. Thermal efficiency, durability and appealing design are just a few things that every quality front door should provide. Our engineered timber doors have been in development for over two decades, leading the way in innovation, and have become great examples of quality doors with refined characteristics. You don’t have to worry about letting in the cold as our engineered timber doors have a thermal core which provides highly effective insulation and prevents cold-bridging. These doors are also strong and reliable, hard-wearing thanks to the use of materials ideal for external use.

Get creative with colour

If design and style is your forte then a timber door is a brilliant pick! With 21 colours to choose from these doors are both sturdy and beautiful. Pitted Olive (light subtle green), Mulberry (muted mauve) and Lemon Curd (soft pastel yellow) are just some of the unique and stunning colours that our engineered timber doors offer. Green is often associated with balance and harmony and purple is considered more of a spiritual colour. Maybe yellow appeals to you as it expresses optimism and confidence and is usually a signifier of high self-esteem. Whatever the colour of your door indicates about you, say it with a beautifully crafted door from Hazlemere.

Stand out from the crowd

Some of us aren’t made to fit in so why not stand out. Don’t blend into the crowd when you can be bright and brilliant. Colour is applied to our engineered timber doors with the latest spray technology, a microporous primer, basecoat and topcoats which provides the equivalent of 10 brushed coats. You don’t have to worry about your colour going dull. Maybe you are looking to try something new with a colourful front door or perhaps you already seek vibrancy in everything you do. No matter the colour or motivation our engineered timber doors are a product you can have faith in.


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