Show Your Home Some Love After The Harsh Winter Weather

Is it really still winter? It feels more like late spring at the moment with pretty much the whole country experiencing record high temperatures for the time of year.

This very unexpected and unseasonal surge in temperatures should see you get outside and try to tidy up the condition of your home if the harsh winter weather has left it looking a little sorry for itself. Getting a head start on doing it now is more likely to leave it looking in great shape come summer, and when you show it some love, it will love you back!  

Your clean-up job from this point forward and in the lead-up to summer should consist of the following tasks:

Cleaning your windows and doors

Your windows and doors are the very face of your home and constantly exposed to the elements. The wind, rain and cold may have caught up with them and left their exterior looking dirty and untidy.

This isn’t much of a problem if they’re UPVC windows or a UPVC or composite door as a wet cloth is all you need to wipe away any excess dirt from the frames and a soapy sponge and squeegee should rid any glazed sections of unsightly smears.

If you’ve noticed some of the weather getting in through your windows and doors, they need exchanging for thermally efficient windows and doors.

Tidying up your garden

Don’t get the lawnmower out just yet; that can wait for a little while longer. However, you can tidy up your garden and pull out any weeds that have grown over the past few months – make sure they’re removed by the root.

Any dead plants should also be torn out of the ground and any plants that have overgrown should be cut back. Get your gloves on and also dispose of any rubbish that has blown its way onto your garden.  

Clearing out your guttering

If you’re uncomfortable with heights, do not attempt to scale a ladder and clear out your gutters yourself! Employ someone experienced to do it.

It is important that your gutters are cleared of any leaves and debris as leaving them in there increases the chances of rainwater building up, the brackets weakening and water damage being caused.

Make the upgrade to UPVC roofline if you have traditional timber roofline as it is lower maintenance and more aesthetically-pleasing.


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