Why You Need To Invest In A Home Extension For Summer Now

It feels like it’s been a long time coming, but spring is finally here and the weather seems to be gradually improving which may have put you in the mood for buying a home extension you can appreciate this summer.

Glass-to-Floor Extension

If it has, our main advice would be that you need to buy it now! Our order books are quickly filling up with requests from like-minded householders and there’s a lot of work involved in organising a conservatory or orangery installation.

The majority of the work can be handled by Hazlemere, but it should never be a rush job, nor would we ever allow it to be.

There’s all this to think about…

Perfecting the design

One of the most crucial elements is getting the design exactly right as you need it to both complement your property and account for all of your desired requirements.

When sitting down with one of our design consultants they will advise you of all the possibilities in terms of styles, colours, functionality, accessories etc. Our team of surveyors will also need to visit your home to measure up at the intended location of the extension and be able to judge in what direction it is best facing.

Only once you are absolutely happy with everything proposed should you give us the green light to proceed and it may not be until you have toyed with various concepts that you reach this point.

You might need planning permission

Customers sometimes aren’t aware that unless their extension falls under ‘Permitted Development Rights’, they will need to apply for planning permission – you can find out more information about Permitted Developments here.

Hazlemere can help you put together and submit your planning application to the relevant planning department, but you need to be mindful of them taking 8-13 weeks to confirm whether permission is granted. Don’t automatically presume they will say “yes” either and prepare yourself for the possibility of you needing to amend the design and submit a further application. On occasions, planning obligations can hold things up.

It can take time to settle into the space

The whole atmosphere in a conservatory or orangery will be unlike anything you have experienced before and it might be a few weeks before you fully get used to the space and settle into it.

In the early stages, you will probably find yourself experimenting with different layouts and arrangements until you find a set-up that the whole family feels comfortable with. Once you reach this point, you will find it difficult dragging yourself away from it.


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