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Why Solid Roofs Are A Growing Trend

During the winter and summer months, thousands of old-style conservatories sit empty for the most part. Why? Because when it’s freezing cold or boiling hot outside, you can feel the weather within their surrounds and trust us, there’s nothing pleasurable about spending time in a conservatory that feels either like a fridge or an oven.

Solid Roof Edwardian Conservatory

Until a few years ago there wasn’t much you could do to solve the problem, apart from knocking it down and either building a full replacement extension or permanently going without one. But, then along came a game-changing replacement roofing system – the solid roof.

The removal of an existing conservatory roof in exchange for a lightweight, custom-made, pre-fabricated solid roof can work miracles and turn an unused conservatory into a thermally comfortable all-year round space that you can’t stop using.

Since the release of the product, solid roof sales have, pardon the pun, gone through the roof, proving a lifeline for those that just want their conservatory back.

And, it’s not just the restoration of thermal efficiency that makes a solid roof a solid investment that you won’t look back on with regret. It can improve acoustics, aesthetics and add value to your property.  

There are certain things you need to note though before you proceed with a solid roof installation to keep Local Planning Officers and Building Control Officers happy.

Replacing an old conservatory roof for a solid roof is regarded as a ‘change of use’ and you will more than likely need to obtain Building Regulations Approval and possibly planning permission first. A planning application must be made even if you obtained it at the time of the original extension being built.

You will be given confirmation in writing whether Building Regulations Approval and planning permission is granted as this written confirmation needs to be kept safe.

There are a very select few solid roof systems that have LABC (Local Authority Building Control) and LABSS (Local Authority Building Standards Scotland) approval, but a solid roof from Hazlemere is approved. An approved roof from Hazlemere will significantly improve your chances of receiving Building Regulations Approval, leaving you with fewer hoops to jump through than you’d need to with a non-approved roofing system.


We’d love to tell you more about solid roofs and what they can do for your old conservatory. Book an appointment and let our knowledgeable consultants inform you of everything else you need to know.




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