Introducing Hazlemere Flush Casement Windows, An Exciting Range

To see an original set of timber flush casement windows in-situ you will likely need to travel to a conservation area or visit one of the listed buildings in our region as there aren’t many left in existence. The flush casement window isn’t completely dying out though, thanks to Hazlemere Windows.

Flush Casement Windows External Detail

Our flush casement range is a stunning window collection we launched last year, our own inventive take on a traditional timber flush casement window.

You can tell that the traditional flush casement was the template for the design due to it having the exact same proportions, same pristine lines and opening lights that similarly sit flush with the frame. Even the coloured finishes we can apply to the window frame are faithful to the old-style colours typically painted onto a timber flush casement. Viewed on the inside, you will also see that the hardware affixed to our flush casements is indistinguishable from the hardware used on an authentic flush casement (e.g. monkeytail handles).

But, there are some major differences between our flush casements and a timber-crafted flush casement, the biggest being that ours are manufactured from UPVC, not timber, though you’d need a razor sharp eye to notice that. What gives it the appearance of wood is the very realistic woodgrain effect than runs through the frame, something you would only normally expect to see on a timber window frame.

A UPVC flush casement window has its advantages from the perspective of maintenance as there isn’t any necessary. That certainly isn’t true of a timber equivalent which you almost constantly have to repair and repaint to keep the window in a fit condition – timber flush casements have a tendency to split, rot and swell.

The thermal properties of UPVC are impressive too and that helps our flush casements achieve a Window Energy Rating of A+ and U-Value of 1.2 – expect year-round comfort and inexpensive energy bills.

Finally, Hazlemere flush casements are far more secure than any traditional flush casement and it’s not just because of the toughness of the UPVC frame and internally beaded glass.

We have incorporated our patented “Secure It” locking mechanism into the window which connects with the full length of the window. After developing “Secure It”, we tested it over 30,000 times and it’s one of only a few locking systems to have earned the Secured by Design accreditation, a Police-run scheme. To put it simply, there’s no getting past them!

The flush casement window is reborn with Hazlemere flush casement windows. Click here to find out why else they’re getting householders so excited.


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