How Do I Know If I Need Planning Permission?

The recent improvement in the weather could have given you the motivation you need to make some much-needed alterations at home or possibly extend your property. But, before you do, have you stopped for a moment to consider whether you might need to obtain planning permission ahead of getting whatever work you have in mind done?

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Protesting to your local authority that you had no idea planning permission was required if they pull you up on some completed work that falls outside of planning laws won’t wash with them. It is easily within their right to make you adjust the installation to bring it in line with the rules, or put things back to exactly how they were previously, even if planning laws have been broken innocently. This can be both embarrassing and financially damaging.

You could also find it difficult selling your home in the future if potential buyers get wind of a certain piece of work not complying with planning laws. People are extremely unlikely to want to take the house off your hands in these circumstances as they’ll be left with the problem.  

It doesn’t need to come to this.

Prior to proceeding with your plans, get in touch with your planning department and inform them of what exactly it is you want to do. They can give you an indication as to whether a planning application will need to be submitted first.

Appointing an experienced home improvement specialist like Hazlemere for home enhancement projects such as installing an extension is a sensible move as we can work to any guidelines they give to you, or even better than that, we can do all the talking with them on your behalf and devise the plans based on their feedback. This will improve your chances of earning planning approval once they’re in receipt of your application, an application that we can also get organised and submit.

Some forms of work come under Permitted Development Rights and when this is the case, no planning application is necessary. However, you would be wise to check that these Permitted Development Rights haven’t been withdrawn due to the enforcement of an Article 4 Direction.

Further to planning permission, you may also additionally need building regulations approval. They are not the same thing!

If all this information has left your head in a spin, we can always tell you more about planning permission and building regulations. Arrange a callback and we’ll give you the full details of what you need to know.


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