Are Your Windows Failing To Fight Off The Winter Weather?

In what seems like the blink of an eye, summer has been and gone, and we’re fast closing in on winter – the weather outside tells us that!

We’ve already experienced some frosty mornings, which suggests that we could be in for a really cold few months.

This will leave us all heavily relying on our homes to keep us warm. But you will only get that warmth if your existing windows are sufficiently insulating the building. If you can feel any draughts in your house, we can tell you now that your windows need immediately upgrading.

Our energy efficient replacement windows are the best possible substitute for them as they are A+ energy rated as standard. They will brilliantly harness the heat produced by your boiler, and also stop cold air coming in.

Available double and triple glazed, and in styles ranging from Georgian to tilt & turn, they will assure you of toasty home surrounds throughout this winter, and several more.

Why else should you pay out for new windows at this time of the year?

Cheaper energy bills

The excess energy you use to try and stem draughts will be costing you a pretty penny.

Forking out a fortune on fuel bills will come to an end after the installation of energy efficient windows as your boiler can have more of a break due to how well they manage to preserve the heat it produces.

You will save money and also be helping to save the planet as less boiler usage results in fewer carbon emissions.  

Improved security

Rough estimates suggest that burglaries increase in the UK by up to 25% during the dark winter months.

If a thief has lined up your home as the next place they fancy trying to break into, your windows will be their prime target for gaining access to it. They therefore need to be resolute and stand firm in the face of excess force.

We incorporate a sophisticated multi-point lock, internally bead the glass, and craft our energy efficient window offerings with a robust UPVC or aluminium frame to beat burglars at their own game.


As the population continues to grow, so does the amount of noise generated by people and the various modes of transport.

You don’t want to be disturbed by this noise whilst unwinding indoors, but you might not have that luxury if you live with old single glazed windows.

Fitting double or triple glazed windows will prove a great noise-reducing measure if the window is specified correctly, which it will be when you advise Hazlemere that cutting out noise is a strong motive for commissioning a window upgrade.


We’re feeling in a very giving mood in the lead up to Christmas. So, if you buy new windows from us now, you will save up to £500 off them. Visit our Special Offers page for more details.













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