Why Modular Extensions Are Best Avoided

It’s easier to extend your home since the government decided to allow larger single-storey extensions to be added without planning permission.

Modern Extension with Bi-Fold Doors

The taking away of the previous red tape associated with extensions could be motivating you to buy an extension of some sort, more than likely a conservatory or orangery. But there is a further form of extension up for consideration – the modular extension.

While we don’t and have never supplied modular extensions at Hazlemere, we know plenty about them and firmly believe that they’re not an option you should ponder.

Before going into the reasons for that, we need to explain what a modular extension is for anybody who doesn’t know.

Simply put, it is a prefabricated extension, one that’s largely built inside a factory to enable it to be assembled and installed quickly on site.

It’s the expediency with which a modular extension can be fitted at a home that makes it appealing to many people – we’re talking about it being complete inside a few days.

Unsurprisingly, modular extensions cost less to buy than conventionally built extensions, which is another selling-point for some, but for what you get, we just don’t think they’re worth it.

For starters, the build quality just isn’t the same as a conservatory or orangery.

High-grade materials are used to construct conservatories and orangeries, whereas modular extensions are erected with lower standard components. That’s why the average lifespan of a modular extension tends to be much shorter than the typical lifecycle of a traditional extension.

If you want to customise elements of your extension, there will be little opportunity to do that with a modular extension as the design is very much fixed.

Modular extensions are also what’s known as non-standard constructions, built from materials that do not conform to the ‘standard’.

This could cause you a major problem when selling your house as it can sometimes be hard for a buyer to secure a mortgage for a property with a non-standard construction.

In summary, give modular extensions a miss and only grow your home with tried-and-tested conservatories, orangeries and home and kitchen extensions products from established manufacturers and installers with a proven track record and good reputation.

We can quote you for one of them here.



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