6th weeks on we are still all in it together

Monday 4th May 2020 marks the end of the 6th consecutive week of the Government’s official lockdown, something the vast majority of the UK have not ever faced before. Only the survivors from World War two will have experienced the type of strict rules and Government restrictions to help us all get through the crisis as a Nation.

It has been a tough challenge for  every household in the land, especially those with babies and young children, but more particularly it has been extremely burdensome on all our brave doctors, nurses and NHS volunteers, many whom of which have paid the ultimate price for their bravery and dedication. This whole crisis has been a sobering sombre time for the United Kingdom, the after affects of which may last years and will need us all to come together as a country time and time again in the coming weeks and months ahead.

Like yourselves, Hazlemere Windows loyal and dedicated staff have been at home self-isolating and social distancing to try like everyone else to reduce the spread of the disease and to try and shorten the length of time we will all have to stay cooped up! After six weeks, I’m certain every member of the Hazlemere Team is champing at the bit to get back to work, as on our return it is going to be all hands to the pump once we are given the green light to end this temporary closure and recommence undertaking surveys, procuring, fabricating and installing. All the dozens of projects that were placed on hold will all need contacting to mutually agree revised dates for fitting, and like everyone else in the business word, we will need a bit of time to catch up and re-kick-start the wheels of industry.

Never in most of our lifetimes has the World had collectively had to deal with such a pandemic crisis nation by nation, which in Southern England where Hazlemere Windows is based and operates, has certainly brought out the best in many and sadly the worst in a few. We started this together and we need to see this dreadful disease through together, helping one another as the vast majority has done to get to a point where we can all see real light at the end of the tunnel.  




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