Why early Summer is the ideal time to carry out a proper inspection of your roofline

So why is early Summer the ideal time to carry out a proper inspection on the Roofline on your property? Well firstly, it is the perfect time of year to identify any damage that has been done during the previous Winter, as the days get much longer and we get the opportunity to look over the exterior of our properties in warm daylight. Secondly, it gives you plenty of time to undertake any repairs and/or replacement works to rotten timbers etc. before the next Autumn and Winter.

All Hazlemere’s high quality PVCu Roofline products are made up of the highest grade PVCu which is guaranteed against warping, rotting, splitting, or discolouring. All Hazlemere Windows PVCu products conform to all relevant British standards for durability, colour fastness, physical performance, fire resistance and impact resistant. Why do customers use Hazlemere  to undertake their replacement roofline works? Because they know that you get what you pay for and the installation Hazlemere Window Company Ltd does comes with a comprehensive ten year guarantee that is worth the paper its written on.

Each Hazlemere Roofline installation involves complete removal of all existing cladding, bargeboards, fascia, soffits, guttering and downpipes, with all the above being removed where relevant in a controlled and safe manner. Hazlemere Windows do not fit a butyl or damp proof course liner  as these will create “ pooling” and cause future problems with damp to the cavities etc., instead we install a professional, solid profile eaves protection system”, which will eliminate , “pooling and  streaking” and will direct the rainwater immediately into the new guttering.

As part of our service will inspect any exposed roof rafters/joist ends and remove any rotten timbers we find up to 200mm from the edge of the roof. All new PVCu fascias and soffits will be fitted to new timber noggins where required, (900mm apart or every third joist) which will be fitted to the sides of the existing joists with the guidance of a string line ensuring straight runs.

By using Hazlemere’s Roofline experts, you can be assured that any necessary ventilation will be compliant with current building regulations and generally will be fitted at intermittent intervals of one to two metres depending on length of run and joist positions. Guttering will be secured at 800mm to 1200mm intervals dependant on length of run and joist positions. The guttering will be fitted with aid of string line or levels to ensure correct falls. All installations are compliant to current building regulation and specifications.

Hazlemere s  fascias incorporate the latest “ Heat Shield” technology  dispersing over eighty percent spread across the PVCu , so, is excellent in high sun spots in both white and every colour and wood grain effect products. What is more Hazlemere DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY DEPOSIT. The full amount including VAT is not payable until the completion of the installation.

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