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Britain’s housing stock is so mixed, full of everything from cottages and townhouses to studio apartments and bungalows. 

Each of these property types all have very different characters and lots of potentials waiting to be realised, which may be the case in your own cottage, townhouse, studio apartment or bungalow. 

It’s firmly down to you to get the best out of your home. It’s about being creative and employing a combination of DIY and TLC. Do it successfully, and you won’t want to leave the place. 

Home influencers often offer some very worthy ‘homespiration’, if you need it. They are who we have looked towards to be able to compile these three ideas:

Go open-plan indoors

Homes built nowadays almost inevitably have an open-plan layout in some part of them and Britons tend to like to use their open-plan areas as kitchen-diner-living spaces. 

Is it a wish of yours to revel in open-plan living in your own home? 

Believe it or not, many old Victorian properties and semi-detached homes have been successfully remodelled to incorporate an open-plan space, so you might just be able to do the same at your house, whatever its age or style. 

Ahead of remodelling to establish an open-plan area, ensure that the atmosphere will be right and that it will provide sufficient practicality for everyone. You also want it to be bright and spacious, as well as cosy and private.

Head to a window seat

It can be difficult to switch off from family life when you’re all in quarantine together, but there might be a place somewhere you can go to for some alone time.

When it’s winter, there’s nothing better than sitting in a comfy chair next to a roaring fire. For the spring and summer, a lovely window seat will do.

Park a small bench or trunk underneath a window and cover it with a padded base you can rest on, with a couple of cushions to prop you up.

You can do some reading there or just gaze out of the window and transport your mind to somewhere else for a few moments.

Establish zones in the garden

It looks like holidays abroad are off the agenda for this summer, but you can have lots of holiday fun at home. 

You need to be very reliant on your garden for it. For a largish garden, we would split it into different zones, with areas dedicated to dining, playing and relaxing. 

Eating outdoors is what we all do on our holidays, so do it at home too, and you want the kids to have their own space to play with their water pistols or jump into their paddling pools.  

After all the eating and playing is complete, camp outside in the relaxing zone. It will make up for missing out on a trip to foreign climes and you will love waking up to the sound of the birds singing.

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