The Value of Using FENSA Registered Installers For Replacement Windows and Doors

With the short, medium and long-term effects of Covid-19 still to be known, the pandemic has already sadly seen the demise of several double glazing installers in the UK, including a household name, with tens of thousands of consumers unfortunately affected by the failures of these businesses.

So firstly, what is FENSA?

FENSA is the leading Government approved body providing homeowner protection in the double glazing industry for double glazed windows and doors, and is an authorized Competent Persons Scheme Operator accredited by UKAS. FENSA is an acronym for Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme. It was set up, with approval from government bodies, by the Glass and Glazing Federation. FENSA’s primary function is to regulate double glazing companies and ensure compliance with Building Regulations, with approved industry bodies receiving certification and then, in turn, being able to award UK homeowners with a FENSA certificate when their installation is complete, as proof the products installed comply. FENSA carry out regular spot checks of installers and carry out audits using trained inspectors from RISA.  RISA is a UKAS accredited Type A Inspection Body providing independent and impartial inspection services to the UK fenestration and construction industries. Hazlemere Window Company have been members of FENSA (Hazlemere’s FENSA Registration No. is 10589 so you can check them out) since FENSA’s inception in 2002.

Why You Should Use a FENSA Installer

A FENSA Certificate covers the replacement of external windows, doors, roof windows and roof lights in your home, against the relevant Building Regulations. Note that the property must be cited on its original footprint, and the use and size of rooms mustn’t be altered. Also a FENSA certificate is a declaration by the installation company to the homeowner that the windows and doors they have replaced, comply with Building regulations, use energy efficient products and are registered with the local council.

As an approved Competent Persons Scheme operator FENSA requires that EVERY FENSA INSTALLER provides every one of their replacement windows/doors customers with an insurance backed warranty, so in circumstances such that have recently arisen where there are companies that go into administration and then liquidation, the remainder of the warranty period is covered by their IBG (Insurance Backed Guarantee) provider.      

Another reason to use a FENSA Registered Installer is that FENSA verifies that the warranty is insured, and the FENSA Certificate is essential when selling the property.

FENSA is by far the largest Competent Persons Scheme operator in the double glazing industry, having the most installers and registering the largest number of installations in the UK, year after year. FENSA also had teeth, and does suspend and even expel installers who don’t follow the rules, so is well respected by the very companies who get inspected, thereby giving consumers the peace of mind that their FENSA Certificate actually means something!



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