It’s National Home Improvement Month – What One Change Will You Make

This September you have a home improvement challenge! It’s National Home Improvement Month, and the challenge is to #MakeOneChange. 

A recent survey found that 56% of UK residents don’t love their home, that’s more than half of the nation that are unhappy with their property.

Organised by the British Home Enhancement Trade Association (BHETA) there are guides and inspiration online to help you get involved. Full details of how you can get involved this September can be found on the National Home Improvement Month website

If you’re feeling up to the challenge we’ve got some tips and tricks for easy projects you can do that will make a big impression.

Update your kitchen cupboards

We don’t just get together in the kitchen for Sunday dinner. It’s evolved beyond this into a school, an office and a hideaway from stress. You might have found that with spending so much time in your kitchen lately, you want to change the look of the room but don’t want to undergo a full remodel at the moment.

In this instance we recommend updating your kitchen cupboards. Begin by sanding them down and apply a fresh coat of paint if they’re wooden and structurally sound, or reface them, and update the hardware (handles, pulls, knobs) for a fresh new look. You’ll be amazed at what a simple coat of paint can do!

Try removable wallpaper for a fresh new look

This is a quick and stress-free shortcut to alter the appearance of any room in your home. Removable wallpaper lets you try out the latest designs,  commitment free. If you decide you want to change it again, you can simply peel the wallpaper off and apply a new design.

This is the perfect way to add a feature wall in any of the latest trends. Art deco, floral and geometric are all available in removable wallpaper. Plus, you can choose a design that has been made to match the pattern easily on all four sides, so you can spend less time lining up the paper and more time relaxing.

Tidy up your front entrance

Your front garden is the first impression people get of your home. Whether you’re house proud or not, everyone wants to come home to an inviting sight and feel welcome.

You can update your front door if it’s showing wear and tear, but why stop there? Why not transform your garden with some new plants or an all year round wreath to create an inviting entrance.

You’d be amazed how much coming home to a tidy garden can lighten your mood after a day at work. Why not take on updating your garden as your one change to make this month?

If the one change you want to make to your home is too big for you to take on yourself and it involves a new door, or some other home improvement product, Hazlemere can take on the challenge for you. Just contact us for assistance.


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