3 Of The Best Ways You Can Improve Your Home This Winter

Winter is the point in the year where we normally spend much of our time at home, and that will be especially true this year due to the reintroduction of a national lockdown. 

But let’s take the positives out of the situation. 

It gives us an escape from the cold outside, allows us to enjoy more time with other household members, and gives you a second opportunity to improve the space you live in. 

Plotting some home improvements will keep your mind nice and busy, and seeing some of them come to fruition will prove fulfilling. 

There are many possible courses of action. We would concentrate on those that will inject a warmer feel into the house. 

Get plush new carpets put down

The installation of brand-new carpets will make your home interior look and feel new again for how they both reinvigorate your flooring and add a fresh scent to rooms. 

Your feet will be in for a treat when you tread on a thick pure wool carpet, which you can have fitted with extra underlay to benefit from additional warmth. 

This type of carpet provides outstanding insulation, and will help with heat retention to prevent your energy bills getting too expensive. Everyone in the house will have to get into the habit of not wearing shoes in the house though so that the carpets aren’t dirtied.

Treat a room to a cheery new colour scheme

Being sat within the same four walls for a lengthy time could have made you realise that your living or dining areas are long overdue a repaint.

Wait until a dry day so that windows can be opened, and recruit some help from fellow occupants to get it done fast – all you’ll need is a few pots of paint and some paint brushes. 

As for the colour you use, you want something upbeat and cheery, which is the exact effect a gentle orange, soft blue or subtle yellow will give off. Update any old artwork, fabrics and furniture too. 

Install energy efficient windows & doors

As we creep towards winter, your energy bills might be creeping up in cost, and you don’t need that when Christmas is coming. You could also be starting to feel draughts. 

A simple window and door upgrade will remedy these problems, graduating to double or triple glazed windows and doors with a high energy rating. 

It may seem a financially demanding home improvement, but when you figure out how much it could save you in the long-term via the GGF’s Energy Savings Calculator, you will realise that it’s well worth it.

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