How You Could Use A New Home Extension

Everyone has their own individual reasons for wanting to extend their property. Mostly, it comes down to a lack of space. People use their extensions in different ways too, and again, that’s down to personal preference.

 Modern Extension

Could you grow your home outwards and want to do it? If it’s a possibility, how would you treat the extension i.e. what would you designate the space as?

When extending your home with Hazlemere, your new brick-built extension can be whatever room you like. 

Here are 3 of the most typical uses of a home extension. 


Brits are now kitchen-crazy! They’re turning their backs on their traditional living rooms for their kitchens, dismissing the old theory that kitchens are only meant for cooking and dining. 

A modern kitchen extension, inclusive of a kitchen island, breakfast bar, lots of countertops and plenty of legroom for all, makes it a room where anything can go on, from preparing and eating the Sunday roast to sitting down with the kids while they do their homework. 

Dining Room

You won’t have had much chance to play host at your home over the last year, but that won’t last forever. 

Those old dinner parties you used to put on will return soon, and how exciting would it be to have the very first of them in a brand-new dining room extension!

Make a meal fit for a King and dish it up in a dedicated dining space. It’ll be an occasion that everyone talks about for years to come. 


It’s important to take some time to relax if you live a busy lifestyle – we all need to put our feet up at some point during the days. 

Your present lounge may not be accommodating enough for all the family to do that together, which could be rectified with the introduction of a larger, more luxurious lounge extension. 

To give it an inviting feel, try and have it designed so that it will capture as much natural light as possible. 

A Hazlemere consultant can let you into what other possible room usages there are with our home extensions. Maybe discuss it with them during a Virtual Appointment.


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