4 Underhand Sales Tactics That A Dishonest Window Seller May Use

Over the last 35+ years, Hazlemere has built its reputation on many things, including a policy of always being completely honest and transparent with its customers. 

That’s how it should be, and to be fair, most salespeople in our industry work in the interests of the customer, rather than themselves. 

But, we know that there are still some window and door sellers operating who aren’t so truthful and employ sales tactics designed to trick customers into buying from them. 

We can alert you to some of their selling manoeuvres so that you don’t end up making a costly mistake:

Price conditioning

Those who have never bought new windows and doors before, probably don’t know what they should cost. 

This is where a salesperson may use ‘price conditioning’, telling you the quote they have provided is better than you will get anywhere else, when they know that’s likely to be an untruth. 

Fake discounts

As much as we would love your custom, we would always advise you to get at least three quotes from three different companies. You’ll then see what great value we offer, and also realise what you might have to pay. 

To stop you getting a number of quotes, a salesperson might invent a discount and tell you it only applies at that moment. While the discount may seem impressive, it won’t be in reality. 

Large price drop

As a bit of a shock tactic, the salesperson could vastly overquote for windows and doors. They will do so to see what you say in response and how you react to it. 

They’ll be hoping you express surprise, so that when they then massively reduce that quote, you will believe you’re getting a major bargain. Again, that’s not likely to be the case. 


It’s useful to know a customer’s budget, but a different strategy used by a dishonest salesperson is coming out with the question “what do you want to pay?”.

Any figure you give will be used by them to quote you a price, even if that figure is far too much than you should realistically be paying. They won’t tell you that and keep it to themselves!

We’re always on the side of the customer at Hazlemere and would never resort to tactics like this. Our salespeople are incredibly helpful and honest, as you will find after obtaining a FREE quote.


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