How To Ensure Your New Windows Make Your Home Quieter

Now that the country is beginning to open up again, traffic levels are rising and so is the volume of noise, which could be causing you a headache if your windows are bad at keeping out noise and you live on a busy road or close to a local motorway. 

Don’t just try and put up with it as repeated exposure to noise is known to affect your mood and overall mental wellbeing. 

You want to find a solution and the most obvious one would be to replace your existing windows with double or triple glazed windows that will keep noise out of your house. 

But for new windows to be noise-reducing, they have to be specified in a certain way, otherwise they will make very little difference. 

There are various types of glass you can incorporate into a replacement window, some of which will reduce noise more than others. Talk through all of the possible glazing options there are for your new windows first in order to find a glass that will work best. 

You also need to make sure that the individual panes of glass within a new double or triple glazed unit have different thicknesses, rather than all having the same thickness, as this will restrict noise more effectively. A large air gap between the panes is also essential for noise reduction. 

The windows have to be fitted and sealed properly too, with no gaps around the window that noise could easily invade. 

Prior to a new window installation, consider the possibility that it’s not just your current windows that are to blame for noise coming in so easily. Other areas of the house may also be at fault for it and need to be attended to e.g. roof, walls, floor, so you want to inspect the whole property before doing anything in order to put an end to the issue. 

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