Your Guide To Buying Replacement Windows

Your guide to getting the perfect replacement windows

It’s very easy to undervalue the importance of the windows in your house as you just tend to take them for granted. 

They play so many roles, such as influencing the look of your property, keeping you secure inside, bringing in the light of the sun and giving you an external view so that you can keep an eye on what’s going on outside. 

It’s therefore vital that you get your windows replaced when they start to fall short of fulfilling any of these roles. 

There is an art to buying new windows and you don’t want to make any hasty choices. 

This is how you should proceed when window shopping:

Choose a suitable style

The last thing you want to do is ruin your home’s traditional aesthetics. If you don’t want to modify its appearance too much, select the same window style that you already have.

Various window styles are available, including casement windows (will complement most house types), bay and bow windows (often used in period residences), and tilt and turn windows (really easy to clean).

You want a style that complements its character and also offers the functionality you desire.

A kitchen window

Decide which material you like

Most window suppliers offer two main window materials – UPVC or aluminium. They are both great insulating materials, yet different in their own ways. 

The more affordable of the two is UPVC, which needs the minimum of upkeep seeing as it will never be subject to rotting or need repainting. 

Aluminium windows are also low-maintenance, and they have amazingly sleek frames, allowing you to incorporate a lot of glass into them. Their powder-coated finish also makes them stand out.

An oak coloured window

Appoint an expert window fitter

Any replacement windows need to be fitted to industry standards in order for them to perform to their best and show your home off in the best possible light.

When searching for a window installer, read any reviews you can find about them online, and ask friends and family if they can recommend someone they’ve used themselves in the past. 

To protect your investment, appoint an installer who is connected to an industry body, like Hazlemere – we are a fully fledged member of the GGF.

A window fitter

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