3 DIY Projects That You Could Do At Your Home This Summer

You may doubt what we’re about to say if you have had a DIY disaster in the past, but we believe that anyone is capable of doing some kind of DIY at home. 

Many DIY disasters happen because a person has been over ambitious, when it’s better to stick to simpler tasks to start off with and gradually progress from there. 

Trust in us and trust in yourself. There are lots of DIY projects that you will have no problem completing, and accomplishing them will feel good. 

Give some DIY a go over the summer and improve your home. To help, Hazlemere has come up with some DIY projects for you to try that shouldn’t cause you any major headaches:

Update your old cabinets

You would be surprised at just how much updating any cabinets in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom etc. can revitalise the appearance of these rooms. 

Without even needing to replace the existing units (if they are still strong enough), you could just apply a fresh coat of paint to the outer skin of any tired-looking cabinets, or reface them with a new veneer. Prior to doing that, unscrew and replace any worn hardware too. 

They will look so much nicer and like new again. This alone will modernise the entire space they’re in, and you will have done the environment a favour by holding on to your old units.

Create a gallery on a wall

A plain, bare wall can be boring to look at. Give a bare wall in your lounge area some life with the addition of a gallery of photographs. 

Pick out a load of family photos that you absolutely love and find some frames for them. We would suggest getting frames in various sizes, shapes and colours to make the gallery really visually engaging. 

Play around with different arrangements of the photographs before you hang them properly on the wall, and hang them in a way that doesn’t damage the wall. 

Make garden planters and seating out of pallets

You will be spending much of your time in the garden over the summer months, so do some DIY outside of the house too. 

With some wooden pallets you could create vertical planters if you wish to begin growing plants in your garden and only have a tight garden space to do it in. 

Or, if you’re a little short of outdoor seating, upcycle wooden pallets to make a wooden bench with covered padding so that no-one has to remain standing whilst in the garden and can take a comfortable seat. 

If you have bigger home improvement projects in mind for this summer that you couldn’t possibly do yourself, such as getting new windows and doors fitted, they’re best left to Hazlemere. Contact us here for assistance.


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