How To Get The Feeling Of Summer Into Your Home

3 easy ways of bringing summer into your home

Let’s hope that the lovely weather we experienced in early June is a sign that this summer will be a hot one, keep those fingers and toes crossed! 

We’re sure, like us, that you love this time of year. 

When it’s sunny and bright in the mornings, it makes it easier to get out of bed, and you tend to feel a lot more energised than when it’s dank and dreary. Exposure to long spells of natural sunlight is also good for your mental health. 

Therefore, we encourage you to try and make the inside of your house feel as light and summery as you can, because you will feel better for it! 

To pull the summer sun indoors, we recommend that you follow these steps:

Clean your windows

The main glazed elements of your property are your windows, so they need to be kept spotlessly clean, whether it’s you who cleans them, or you pay the local window cleaner to do it. 

Also, fully open your curtains, and if the curtains are quite thick, it could be worth taking them down for the summer and hanging lighter coverings instead. 

If your home overheats in summer, your windows could be responsible for it. Upgrade to energy efficient windows and doors for improved temperature control.

Install bi-folding doors

Do you have a wall that you can integrate bi-folding doors into? These exquisite aluminium doors predominantly consist of glass, so they will create a largely glazed section of wall. 

This will lead to the area they sit in becoming flooded with light, and if you leave them slightly or fully open, it will bring an outdoor-like atmosphere into the space. 

If the room ever gets a bit stuffy, again, you can create an opening with the bi-fold to invite some fresh air inside.

Add some nature

Not everyone has a garden or the luxury of being able to pop to a local park. But that doesn’t mean they cannot somehow connect with nature. 

If this is the position you’re in, the solution is to add houseplants in as many rooms as you can, displaying them on counters, floors, tables etc. The best houseplants include succulents, ferns and orchids. 

These houseplants will be great for decoration, and also great for your health, as they will remove any air pollutants, leaving you with cleaner air. Houseplants are also known to reduce stress and lift your mood.

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