How To Make Your Front Door Insta-Worthy

You mustn’t undervalue the importance of having a pretty front door. 

How To Create An Insta-Worthy Front Door

How people perceive your property could come down to the look of your front door, including buyers when they come for a viewing. 

You want to go all out with your front door, because if you do, it’s likely that your house will be spoken about in the most glowing terms. 

For inspiration for your front door, go onto Instagram and type in the hashtags #frontdoor or #frontdoors. 

Hazlemere also has some tips on making your door look snazzy enough for an Instagram post.

Coloured finish

If you are planning to hold onto your existing front door and repaint it, or invest in a door upgrade, choose your door colour carefully. 

The most popular coloured finishes for front doors are, unsurprisingly, grey, black and white, but you don’t have to follow convention. How about a Chartwell Green door or arresting aubergine? 

Don’t go too extreme though! A powerful pink may float your boat, but it could be an instant turn-off for others.

A purple front door

Door wreath

Instagram is full of images of fancy front doors with door wreaths on them – you thought a wreath was just for Christmas? Think again. 

Hobbyists may like to try and make their own door wreath, however, if your skills don’t stretch to that, you can just buy a pre-made wreath, real or otherwise. Most summer door wreaths include colours like orange, red and pink. 

You could have a door wreath for each of the four seasons and rotate them as summer, autumn, winter and spring come along.

A door wreath


Either in tandem with a door wreath or without one, it’s also popular to have planters sitting at each side of a front door. 

Many of the most ‘liked’ front doors have twin potted bay trees featured in their entrances, and there is no doubt that they do make a front door visually captivating. 

Worried that you will keep forgetting to water any potted plants or hanging baskets? Stick to low-maintenance plants that you can largely leave alone.

A black front door

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