Why Grey Is Such An On-Trend Colour

Grey has been having a moment in the last few years, especially in the home improvement industry. Whether our customers are opting for concrete, pebble or anthracite grey, we are constantly bombarded with requests for grey.

White Composite Door

Sitting somewhere between black and white on the colour spectrum, grey is a neutral colour with the best of both worlds. Risk-free without being boring, classic but modern, it is no surprise why grey continues to be one of our most popular colours.

So, what is it exactly that makes grey so in demand?

Grey is Versatile

Grey is extremely versatile and goes with many other colours. It doesn’t quite offer a blank canvas, like white, but it often includes subtle notes of other colours.

This means that if you choose grey for your window frames, it can complement the walls and furniture in your chosen colour.

So Many Shades

There are so many shades of grey! The grey spectrum is vast, and can offer cool as well as warm tones.

Darker versions, such as anthracite grey, are seen as statement shades. Other shades are more subtle and neutral. Whatever kind of statement, or lack of, you want to make, grey is your colour.

It is Calming

Grey is an achromatic, muted colour. It is almost considered a lack of colour, and the absence of colour makes it calming.

We all want to make our living spaces as calming as possible, so grey seems like an obvious choice when choosing a colour for windows, doors, conservatories and orangeries.

Grey is one of the few colours that is on-trend, yet remains classic and timeless, so when new trends come and go you can feel confident that you have made the right decision.

So if you can’t decide what colour your bi-folding doors should be, or you can’t settle on the final look for your conservatory, it may make sense to consider grey.

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