The Many Benefits Of Secondary Glazing

Have you made it your duty to get new windows installed in 2022? Our replacement windows are very affordable, but with the cost of living shooting up, you may not necessarily be in a position to buy them right now.

Secondary Glazing

That’s OK, but it’s still best to take some form of prompt action if your current windows aren’t performing how they should do. 

Secondary glazing from Hazlemere could be just the answer! 

Available at a lower price point than new windows, it involves the straightforward addition of a slim-line window to your existing windows, which will be more than just a stop gap measure. 

What difference will it make? A quite significant series of differences, as it happens. 

Improved thermal efficiency

The spiralling cost of energy is hitting everyone hard and there could be another big price hike coming in April. 

You therefore don’t want to be paying more for energy than you absolutely have to, but that’s what you will be doing if the energy efficiency offered by your windows is below par. 

Installing secondary glazing will hugely improve thermal efficiency and keep more of the heat generated by your boiler indoors. 

Noise reduction

The world is a noisy place and you want to hear as little of that noise as possible when at home, difficult though if you live in a busy area and have ageing windows. 

These noise levels can be drastically reduced in your home by secondary glazing, giving you a more tranquil living space and more peaceful night’s sleep. 

Enhanced security

If there’s even the slightest flaw in any of your windows, there’s a high probability that a burglar will manage to force them open. 

The extra layer of protection that secondary glazing adds could be what stops them from successfully breaking in. 

It will also, hopefully, ease any concerns that you have about home security, allowing you to worry less about it. 

Our secondary glazing range includes horizontal sliding, vertical sliding, side hinged, clip in, clip out and fixed versions of the product. If you’d like to receive a FREE quote for secondary glazing, just click here.


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