The Hazlemere Guide To Cottage Windows

We find that the beginning of the spring season is a very popular time for householders to replace their windows.

Grey UPVC Cottage Windows

Our assumption of why would be that windows are more visually exposed between spring and summer due to the added hours of daylight we receive, so if they look tired and worn, it really stands out and reflects poorly on a home.  

If your existing windows look unsightly in the sunshine and are bringing down your home’s appearance, what about having cottage windows installed in their place?

Deliberately crafted and styled to mimic a traditional cottage window and wonderfully suited to both period and modern properties (not just cottages either, despite their name), they feature elegant Georgian bars. 

These bars give the impression to those on the outside that the windows consist of little individual glass panes, and they add so much authentic charm and character to the overall design. 

Hazlemere will manufacture the Georgian bars so that they are perfectly in proportion with the window sizes your home needs, and can either set them within the sealed units or apply them to the external glass panes.

A traditional cottage window would have a wooden frame and only be single glazed, so its make-up and thermal insulation was far inferior to our cottage window, which is made using a UPVC profile and provides an A+ energy rating. It also has various state-of-the-art secure components to make it way harder to force open. 

The colour options for our cottage windows have been carefully selected to complement the design, with Olive Grey and Chartwell Green being amongst the different available finishes. 

Cottage windows have existed for several centuries, but they’re as loved now by the British public as they’ve ever been, and we offer the best contemporary version of them that you’ll find. 

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