How To Successfully Modernise Your Entrance

The exterior of the front of a house

You only get one chance to make a good first impression, a mindset you should have so far as your home is concerned.

Admit it.

At some point in your life, you will have quickly formed an impression of homes you’ve either visited or seen in the blink of an eye purely based on the appearance of their entrances, and people will likely do the same with yours.

So, it’s important to put some effort into your entrance, which is worth doing for the fact that it will also raise your home’s value and leave you an intensely proud householder.

New door installation

A dated front door can bring down the look of an entrance all on its own, so invest in a door upgrade if your existing door is old and worn.

It will give the house a more modern look and feel, restore kerb appeal and generally have a lasting impact.

The overall design will largely be dictated by your selected colour. White is a winner if you’re a traditionalist, or you’ll love a grey if you want a really fashionable finish. Wishing you could have both colours? You can if you request a dual-coloured door.

Wide range of colours
Dress your door

A plant display

Framing your existing entrance with some plants could be all you need to do to give it the elegance it presently lacks.

Placing two wonderfully-sculpted topiary trees either side of a door is a popular look that householders go for when it comes to plants for entrances.

Don’t overcrowd your door with plants though as it’ll be too much and it’s better to be minimalistic. Restrict it to just a couple, which will have the necessary effect.

Door accessories

Each door we sell at Hazlemere needs to be dressed up with accessories and furnished with things like handles and door knockers.

You will have seen traditional door knockers crafted into the shape of a lion, but your modern door knocker tends to be a chrome ring or bar, amongst many other knocker styles.

The modern trend is to also have an oversized number plate fixed to a door or on one of the adjacent walls.

Finishing touches

If a new door would give your entrance a higher profile, just request a quote for any replacement door in our various door collections.


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