How To Make Your Property Feel More Spacious For Summer

A woman and child in a living space

You crave space in your home but it can be hard to come by if it’s well lived in and you have young children.

A shortage of roominess indoors can take its toll on you and it’s always best to do something about it, rather than just accept the situation.

It may lead you to ponder extending the building or moving somewhere bigger, often though a few adjustments here and there can create the space you so desire.


We know it’s a chore but a thorough decluttering of every room in your home can make a massive difference. So that it doesn’t take forever to do, ask other members of the household to help.

Scan your floors for items that can be passed on to someone else, sold or recycled, and whatever’s left, think about how they could be stored more astutely. For example, go vertical and use your walls more.

Rearranging your furniture may also establish extra floor space. Trial various configurations with your armchairs and settee to see what works best.

A woman decluttering a house
Aluminium windows

Aluminium windows

You need to get lots of natural light into your interior as a bright and light room creates the illusion of space and your windows are a major pathway for the sun.

Our aluminium windows have a far slimmer profile than traditional windows, giving you more glass and a larger surface area for natural light to push its way through.

If your existing windows have bulky frames, the addition of aluminium windows will have an enormous impact on light transference.

Large glazed door

Neglecting to use your garden on those hot summer’s days would be a missed opportunity. You will be more likely to head for it if you have a bi-folding door or other sliding door installed between home and garden, no question.

They open with such simplicity and when ajar, natural light will pour in, as well as a very welcome breeze to keep the inside of the house well ventilated.

Triple track patio doors from Hazlemere, and all our feature doors for that matter, will also bring in a wealth of light when closed, thanks to their amazingly trim frames.

Large glazed doors in an extension

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