How Much For A New Conservatory?

How Much For A New Conservatory?

Unsurprisingly, customers want an idea of budget before they head too far down the route of talking to conservatory installers.

“How much will a new conservatory cost me?” is a regular question.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy answer to this one, as with any bespoke product there are so many factors that will affect the cost. However, we will attempt to throw some light onto what you can expect a new conservatory to cost you, and what will increase the costs.

Let’s start with a bit of a tip. If the company you are talking to about designing a new conservatory ask how much budget you have, don’t feel you can’t share that information. They don’t want to use that to inflate their pricing, they just want to make sure they produce a design that is affordable and ticks all the boxes you ask for. And if something on your wish list will blow your budget they can explain why and outline any available alternatives.

This article is written in May 2023, and as we all know, the cost of building supplies has been incredibly volatile over the past couple of years. Events such as increased energy costs and a shortage of raw materials has pushed prices up.

What Will A Conservatory Cost?

As a guide, expect costs from around £2,200 per sq. m with a straightforward design and regular specification, up to £6,000 per sq.m. Larger conservatories do enjoy economies of scale, of course. If we look at our conservatory customers from the past 12 months there is a huge budget range, from £25,000 to several times that amount. Decide what you’d like to spend to add the additional space and work from there.

Aluminium Lean-To Conservatories

Access To A New Conservatory Site

Some properties do not have rear access. If your conservatory installers must dig footings by hand because there is no space to get a small digger to site and all waste must be removed through the property in wheelbarrows, then labour costs inevitably increase.

If you have sloping ground this must be levelled ahead of your base going in, or perhaps a retaining wall built, depending on the layout.

Bespoke Lean-To Conservatories

If you want very large, glazed doors as part of your design then specialist transport costs will have to be allowed for and additional labour will have to be drafted in to help manoeuvre the glazing into place.

Other things to look out for: Do you have a gas flue that will need relocating? Your designer/surveyor will have to look out for drains that will have to be dealt with, and plants and trees that may be a risk, meaning additional footings are required as protection against errant roots.

Planning & Building Regulations

You may not need planning permission if the new conservatory can be added under the property’s permitted development but planning and possibly building regs will add to costs where it is required.

Conservatory Planning Permission

Material Choices

Generally, you’ll be choosing between UPVC, aluminium and timber for the windows and doors that make up the framework of the new conservatory, and a good sales consultant will be able to explain the benefits of each, as well as the cost implication of the choice you make.

As a rule of thumb, the more brickwork needed in the build, the higher the cost.

Tiled Roof Lean-To Conservatory

There are a range of roof choices for a conservatory. Polycarbonate roofs are less popular these days, with glass and solid roofs now the preferred choice for most customers wanting a room to use all year around. The glazing options available today, with self-cleaning and solar control glass, will all affect the final budget, and your designer will be able to chat through the options and benefits with you. A solid roof, with a lightweight tile, and possibly glazed panels, will be higher cost compared to a glass roof.

Specification & Size

A simple lean-to conservatory will be a quicker, and therefore cheaper, build than creating a complex structure of angled walls and roof. But you will also need to consider what is being specified inside. The electrical and plumbing requirements for heating, lighting and power can make a huge difference depending on the complexity, especially if you are reconfiguring your kitchen as part of the project. Roof vents can be manually operated, or mechanically for an upgraded cost. And don’t forget to leave yourself enough budget for the decorating and new furniture you will want for the finishing touches.

Aluminium Lean-To Conservatories

Whatever your budget we suggest you have an initial conversation with a couple of conservatory companies. A good company will not charge you for an initial consultation, or for any subsequent design work, and they’ll very quickly be able to give you a better idea of cost following a quick chat. This will also give you chance to think about the type of company you want to trust your home to.

Arrange a design appointment with Hazlemere so that we can get to know about your requirements and your home and price up an accurate quotation for one of our stunning conservatories.


One of our multi-purpose living spaces will give you the roominess that you desire so that you can also invite more people over and feel so much less restricted.



One of our multi-purpose living spaces will give you the roominess that you desire so that you can also invite more people over and feel so much less restricted.



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