Ten tips on trimming your bills from Scotsman.com

>I am sure we are all hoping energy bills finally fall in the coming months, given the sustained period we have now had of lower oil prices. It is now well documented that by being energy efficient, you can trim your bills by hundreds of pounds a year according to Cath Slade, head of property letting at Pagan Osborne.

On replacement double glazing, her advice on the Scotsman.com website is that is “one investment definitely worth considering. Although prices vary depending on how many windows you need fitted, on average, this can cut heat loss through the windows by half and save you more than £90 a year.”

Until such time as you can afford energy efficient energy saving double glazing it’s worth obtaining some simple draught excluders to put at the bottom of doorways, as well as tape around single glazed windows to keep the heat in and your energy bills down. With energy costs set to be the most important essential in the future, the more we can conserve energy and save energy, the better for our environment, future living standards and fuel costs.


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