A question on avoiding black mould in your conservatory

“We’ve been leaving the heater on frost setting in our conservatory to reduce energy use. However, condensation is marking the blinds with black mould. How can I fix this without raising the temperature?”

This was the question asked of Aggie MacKenzie, the once co-presenter of Channel 4 television’s “How Clean is Your House”. Aggie responds with good sound advice in her article on Times Online, “Ask Aggie: black mould in the conservatory“ published on Valentines Day, Saturday 14th February 2009. In this helpful and practical snippet, she advises how to prevent black mould and condensation. Apart from “fitting double glazing which would help” she stresses the importance of good ventilation, something I would very much echo.

You might have first heard of Aggie MacKenzie, which she initially came on to our screens in 2003 as the Dirt Detective in Channel 4’s How Clean is Your House? Since then she has appeared in many different programmes, from home cooking on Market Kitchen to reporting on The One Show. With a background in women’s magazines, Aggie’s current work covers a wide range of areas: apart from TV presenting, she writes two magazine columns, often participates in advertising campaigns and takes on public speaking engagements. Aggie lives in north London with her husband and two teenage sons.

For more on “Condensation, some causes, some advice” it is worth downloading this Glass and Glazing Federations document on minimizing condensation, as this is a reasonably comprehensive guide to avoiding black mould in your conservatory, or indeed any other part of your house.


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