Are energy rated windows a common sense necessity?

One of the ways to do this is through fitting modern energy efficient double glazing. According to the Energy Saving Trust, poorly insulated window frames and single glazed windows account for up to a fifth of heat loss in the average home, as efficient double glazing acts as an important shield from the cold, noise and condensation.

Nowadays, having an energy efficient home is not a fad, it’s a very sensible way to save money on your energy bills and helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Today’s highly functional product is a prudent long term investment, adding value to your home when you sell. The Energy Saving Trust has also stated that one of the first things people look for when buying a property is double glazing.

Like thousands of households across the UK, you’re probably aware of the impact that the escalating energy prices have made to your utilities budget, so you may wish to consistently compare energy prices from different suppliers, as this could save you up to £300 a year. I appreciate this is a bit of a “pane”, but so is spending £300 a year you do not need to, which is probably nearer £500 before tax and National Insurance!

If you have a listed building, or a property with unusual characteristics, then you will probably require planning permission from your local council before you can proceed with any work. This awareness is of even more importance since Energy Performance Certificates were included in Home Information Packs (HIPS) after June 2007, which produce a transparent energy efficiency rating of you property.

If energy suppliers can deliver more competitive prices, whilst consumers are educated about ways in which to be more energy efficient from authoritative voices such as the Energy Saving Trust, it may be worth considering investing in the future by ensuring you benefit from the latest technologically advanced energy saving double glazed windows.


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