Step two: Building a conservatory on a firm foundation

As their second step, Hazlemere Conservatories ensure that every conservatory they build is done so on a good firm foundation. Consequently, after digging the footings for the foundations to the depth specified on the sectional drawings approved by South Bucks District Council’s planning department, Hazlemere’s ground team then fill the trenches with 450mm deep of concrete to provide a solid foundation for this new three faceted Victorian aluminium conservatory they are constructing for their client in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire.

Again, the clients property (in this case the paved driveway, existing patio and grass lawn) is protected during transporting of the concrete from the vehicle on the main road, via wheelbarrows to fill up the carefully dug trenches.

The concrete conservatory foundations are then left to dry before the next stage, which the bricklayer will build the brick dwarf walls as per the scaled plans produced by Hazlemere Conservatories and signed off by the client prior to submission the the local planning authority.


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