Step five: Laying the conservatory concrete floor base

Having completed the exterior brickwork of this Beaconsfield aluminium conservatory, finished the interior breeze block dwarf wall and laid the Celotex insulation and damp-course for the conservatory base, Hazlemere Conservatories ground team take delivery of ready mixed quick drying concrete, whilst one of Hazlemere’s experienced bricklayers lays the conservatory concrete floor base by hand.

The ready mixed concrete is transported from the cement lorry to the back garden conservatory site by wheelbarrow, then careful levelled off to produce a uniform flat conservatory floor. The brickwork step up to where the white aluminium French Doors will be fitted, will be finished off later in the project using paving slabs. This Buckinghamshire conservatory concrete base is left to set before the next major stage of the project gets underway: the erecting of the white aluminium double glazed Victorian conservatory frame.

Hazlemere Conservatories next step during the building of an aluminium conservatory is to take check measurements to ensure that the foundations, concrete base and dwarf brick walls have been built in accordance with the approved scale plans, as it is to these plans that each bespoke aluminium conservatory frame to accommodate the double glazing is manufactured and installed.


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