Step seven: Installing the conservatory double glazing

Whether you are planning a UPVC or aluminium conservatory, it is essential to opt for energy efficient, energy saving double glazing to ensure you have the option to use your conservatory all year round. Investing in modern energy efficient double glazed sealed units is essential, and yes the best costs a little more, but oh how you may regret it in the winter if you opt for just “standard” double glazing, or worse still a polycarbonate roof! Whilst double glazing will never be as effective as insulated double skin cavity walls, remember that you want it to be performing the same role as near as possible, so go for Low E Argon filled sealed units with high quality frames and glazing, so do your research to ensure you do not end up with a room you can only use in the summer or on sunny winter days!

This Victorian three faceted aluminium new conservatory was ordered with a Pilkington Activ Blue double glazed roof, which has a special protective “blue” layer to reflect sunlight, reducing the amount of solar energy that is transferred into a conservatory. Pilkington Activ self cleaning glass is a major benefit to conservatory owners, as often conservatory roofs can be difficult to access for cleaning.

The crowning glory of any conservatory should be its glazed glass roof, as this is what differentiates this room from any other in a property. Amongst the significant benefits of using aluminium as a building material is the fact that it is lightweight, yet extremely strong and very environmentally friendly as can be re-cycled again and again. Double glazed conservatory sealed units are heavy, so need a strong supporting roof frame which can cope with the weight. Consequently, one should really use aluminium conservatory frames rather than UPVC when building conservatories with large roofs. A good quality UPVC conservatory roof should have metal re-enforcing bars in them for this very reason, so when planning and building a conservatory you should carefully consider the different conservatory roof options before ordering your conservatory.

Give specific thought to which double glazed sealed units you have fitted to the windows, doors and roof of your conservatory, so that they reflect excess heat in the summer, yet give you a warm and energy saving environment in the winter. This Buckinghamshire conservatory owner has fairly exposed aspect to the sun for sufficient each day to warrant the investment in Pilkington Activ Blue self cleaning glass to assist with reducing the solar gain during hotter days.


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