The benefits of a conservatory

We are frequently asked by existing and new customers about the key benefits of buying a conservatory, apart from the clear aesthetic appeal, of course.

A UPVC P-Shape Conservtory Installed by Hazlemere in Chalfont St.Peter Bucks
A UPVC P-Shape Conservtory Installed by Hazlemere in Chalfont St.Peter Bucks
We always aim to answer this question with candour as Hazlemere provides products that benefit the consumer, not beguile them. So with this in mind, we have compiled some concise, but transparent reasons why a conservatory could benefit your home, and more specifically, can save you money in the long term. We appreciate that you may be searching for a sanctuary of solace, but here at Hazlemere we want to highlight the bigger picture when considering a conservatory:

1) A well positioned conservatory can impart a seamless transition from either your dining room, kitchen or living room to your garden. By also introducing a patio area it will feel as if you’ve brought the outside in.

2) Although many people believe a conservatory to be an extortionate addition to the home, it is a far cheaper alternative to upgrading to a larger property. When you consider the outlay for moving house; stamp duty, surveyor, redecorating, etc, investing in a spacious conservatory is a far more inexpensive solution to add space.

3) And on the subject of space, connecting a conservatory to your property will instantly increase your floor space and is perfect for entertaining, relaxing, working out or accommodating families with children on the horizon!

4) In the vast majority of cases it is less expensive and faster to get planning permission/build a conservatory than an extension.

5) Adding a conservatory to your home will not only add to it’s value, but also make it more attractive to potential purchasers.

6) Conservatories do a remarkably natural job of creating an ambience; receiving the sun light like an insatiable sponge, to then squeeze back out beautiful shards of light on its inhabitants. They are also widely known to conserve the heat and light it obtains, making the environment natural and tranquil — particularly during the summer evenings.

7) That said, conservatories can be extremely cosy and inducing to the senses on a rainy day, as for many people the dulcet sound of rain does wonders for having a relaxing snooze – Sunday afternoons will never be the same again!

What next?

We hope that our list of benefits has helped you with your decision making. We passionately believe that a conservatory is not only a wonderful aesthetic extension to your home, but great value for money too.

At Hazlemere we are constantly finding ways in which our customers can save a little bit more money, so that’s why we offer a FREE survey (worth £460!) with our unique planning offer. Also, our comprehensive conservatory buyer’s guide offers insight and advice when choosing a conservatory design with us.


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