Why should you consider replacement windows?

With so much that’s written about replacement windows, along with the pros and cons associated with such products, we understand how confusing or daunting it can be when making your decision.

Replacement Window Installation
Replacement Window Energy Saving Installation
When it comes to home improvements it’s essential that you know why you’re buying new windows as well what you’re purchasing. Replacement windows come in a vast array of styles, fittings and colours, however, the key benefits stay exactly the same. We appreciate that aesthetics are sometimes as important as longevity, so before you buy replacement windows, we would like to remind you why they’re so advantageous to your property.

The green light
According to the Energy Saving Trust you can lose up to 50% of your heat through windows, and if the windows are old and ill-fitting, the prevalence of drafts will increase this figure considerably. “Energy Saving Recommended double glazing can cut heat lost through windows by half, as well as saving you around £135 a year on your heating bills. It can also save you around 720kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) a year.” (Energy Saving Trust website) New properly fitted windows with new materials, double glazing, and good window replacement installation will cut down heat loss, in turn reducing your heating bills.

Think about the design
Customers have far more variety of windows to choose from today, without having to change the size of the window openings. For example, replacement window’s gives you a balance between good ventilation and how well they suit the existing exterior of your home.

Add value
Window replacement means that you have invested in your house, and you can increase the value of your biggest single asset. You may find that your window replacement installation makes your house more attractive to new buyers, enhancing a quicker sale of your property.

Protect and serve
Both UPVC replacement windows and aluminium replacement windows benefit from the latest in multi point locking technology, which means they’re highly secure, making it increasingly difficult for anyone to break in to your home.

Why not see our bespoke Replacement Windows for inspirations, assurance and solace. We want you to realise the benefits before making a commitment.


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