Hazlemere’s step by step conservatory buyer’s guide (2)

(week two)

Buying a conservatory is a significant investment which, like many purchases, needs to be sufficiently researched and considered with care. Whatever it is you want to use your conservatory for, getting the right conservatory will transform your home and ultimately increase the value of your property.

So, with this is mind we want to share our bespoke conservatory buyers guide so you can buy the conservatory of your dreams with confidence and peace of mind. Our no-nonsense guide will enable you to evaluate, compare and hopefully find the right conservatory that compliments your home.

Aluminium Walnut Wood Grain Conservatory
Aluminium Walnut Wood Grain Conservatory
Although you can download our buyers guide in its entirety from the Hazlemere website, we’ve decided to break it down into digestible chunks for you. Every week we will provide you with the expert advice and benefits of introducing a stunning and practical conservatory to your property. Our aim is very simple: to turn what could be a potential headache into an altogether more pleasurable experience!

Last week we focused on Conservatory Planning Permission and Conservation Awareness. This week we’ll be focusing on Aesthetics and Construction, which are integral to the longevity of your conservatory installation.


Many homes now boast a conservatory, and whilst at first glance they may all appear the same, there are some significant differences that dictate how pleasing the overall appearance of your conservatory is. As with the windows and doors in your home, a poorly designed conservatory will have an impact on the value of your home so it pays to get it right from the start.

Look around your local area and take note of what appeals to you and what doesn’t, particularly if you see a conservatory on a house that is a similar style to your own home.

Try to assess conservatories that have been up for a while to see what a difference a few years of weathering can make to them – you may be very surprised to realise how many begin to look very tired after just a short while.


Anyone that has owned a conservatory before or spent any amount of time in one will have some appreciation of how the design and construction can affect how usable the room actually is.

Good quality planning, design and construction will ensure you have a room that is neither too warm nor too cold; can be used exactly as intended without compromise and stays looking as good as the day it was finished for many years to come. Unfortunately all too often homeowners are left with conservatories that are poorly constructed leading to damp and water penetration; that become unbearably hot as soon as the sun appears and has them retreating to a quieter room as soon as it starts to rain. Avoiding these problems is actually quite simple and just comes down to research and working with a reputable company that really does want to deliver a conservatory you can enjoy.

Finding a reputable supplier is probably one of the most important parts of any research you do into your proposed conservatory purchase. Don’t be tempted by those companies that sell on price alone as you will most likely end up disappointed with your purchase in the long term. Look for a company that is well established and preferably one that sells different conservatory ranges rather than just one. These companies are more able to tailor their offer to you rather than shoe-horning your requirements into the single product range they offer.

Finally, remember to ask questions at every stage – a good supplier will be able to answer all your questions. And, if they can’t? Look elsewhere!

See our full conservatory buyer’s guide for advice on choosing a conservatory, the many styles available, the pros and the cons of different materials and how planning law applies to glass conservatories.

Next week: Materials


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