Hazlemere’s step by step conservatory buyer’s guide (4)

(week four)

Buying a conservatory is a major investment which needs to be researched and considered with care. Whatever it is you want to use your conservatory for, getting the right conservatory will renew your home and ultimately add value to your property.

So, with this is mind we want to share our unique conservatory buyers guide so you can buy the conservatory of your dreams — with confidence and peace of mind. Our no-nonsense guide will enable you to evaluate, compare and hopefully find the right conservatory that compliments your home.

Although you can download our buyers guide in its entirety from the Hazlemere website, we’ve decided to break it down into digestible sections for you. Once a week we will provide you with the key advice and benefits of introducing a beautiful and practical conservatory to your property. Our aim is very simple: to turn what could be a potential headache into an altogether more pleasurable experience!

Last week we looked at Materials. This week we’ll be focusing on Ventilation, Shading and Heating which ensures you’re not wasting valuable energy and keeping your utility bills to a minimum.

A Hazlemere UPVC Sola Conservatory Installation
UPVC Conservatory With Top Opening Vents
Ventilation & Shading

As hot air rises it is therefore sensible to incorporate opening vents into the roof of your conservatory as well as into the windows around the sides. Roof vents can be designed to open manually or electrically. Manual options include a hook and pole or a winding handle mounted on a nearby wall, whilst electric vents can be controlled by a wall switch or remote control.

A ceiling fan can be a huge help in re-directing cool air in the summer and warm air trapped in the roof area in the winter. Most conservatories can also be fitted with extractor units into the roof panels. Extractors will help to reduce the internal temperature and humidity.

Air exchange systems work in a similar way to extractors but with the added benefit of pulling fresh air into the room at the same time. You can of course opt for an air conditioning system for your conservatory but they can be costly to run, potentially noisy and will require far more maintenance than simpler mechanical systems.

Conservatory blinds play a huge part in controlling the heat in your conservatory and are best measured, supplied and fitted in line with the main installation. Not only will they look far better but you can also ensure that you’re opening vents and other cooling systems all work well alongside each other. In recent years, new glass and polycarbonate has emerged that can also help to deflect the strength of the sun’s rays and therefore help to maintain a comfortable internal temperature.


Properly heating your conservatory is absolutely essential if you want to be able to use it in the colder months. The options for heating a conservatory are many and varied. Again, working with a competent, experienced company will usually ensure you get the right advice, plus the added advantage of an installation that is covered by a water-tight guarantee in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong in the future.

The first option is for your existing central heating system to be extended into the new conservatory. To do this you will need to have individual room thermostats – otherwise the cooler conservatory area that needs more heat than the rest of your home will disrupt the heating in the rest of the house. Alternatively the room can be serviced by its own heating system that is independently controlled.

Traditional wall-mounted radiators will sometimes look out of place in a conservatory but there is a wide range of alternative heating systems available. Under floor heating is another popular option for conservatories and is easily installed as the conservatory is built.

With the level of investment you will make in your conservatory you will quite rightly expect to be able to use it as you intended. The right combination of opening vents, extractors and sun shading will ensure it can be used throughout the year without compromise.

See our full conservatory buyer’s guide for advice on choosing a conservatory, the many styles available, the pros and the cons of different materials and how planning law applies to glass conservatories.

Next week: Safety and Security


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