4,236 plus have signed windows scrappage petition

In 2009 the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) petitioned the Government to introduce a national windows scrappage scheme, whereby householders would be encouraged to scrap their old poorly insulated windows in return for a £1000 grant towards the installation of new, professionally installed, energy efficient ones.

The petition has been signed by over 4,000 people to date, via ePetition, on the Official website of the Prime Minister’s Office – number10.gov.uk.

The GGF maintains that consumers would save approximately £1000 and enjoy a facelift to their homes, as well as lowering fuel bills and becoming more energy efficient homes. The Government would also benefit from reduced emissions from the existing housing stock, helping it to meet the necessary greenhouse gas emissions targets. In addition that would also reclaim some of the grant money in VAT.

GGF chief executive, Nigel Rees, is encouraged by a similar scheme that has been launched in the heating industry, where home owners receive a £400 grant to install an energy-efficient boiler. Replacing a home’s single glazing with energy-efficient windows could save on average £150 and 0.3 tonnes of carbon!

â€ŔThere are thousands of homes in the UK with single glazed windows, which could benefit from a scrappage scheme,” he said. â€ŔThis would have numerous other benefits. Not only would the household save money in the long term, but the scheme would help the UK to meet its carbon emissions targets.”

See how Hazlemere home improvement’s energy rated windows can help reduce your carbon footprint, as well as imparting your support for the national windows scrappage scheme – saving us all energy and money in the long term.

For more information visit: http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/windowscrappage


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