Challenging times for the double glazing industry

To say that the changes to Part L of the building regulations will have a profound effect on the double glazing industry is an understatement of Neville Chamberlain proportions. Because the UK Government took longer (following 6 months of consultation with the industry) to a) announce what the actual changes would be and b) confirm when they will come into effect and then c) eventually advise that these changes will affect ALL DOUBLE INSTALLATIONS FROM 1st OCTOBER 2010 onwards, it has left double glazing manufacturers, suppliers and installers, little or no time to realign their businesses to be able to i) cope and ii) comply.

Many extruders and double glazing manufacturers like Hazlemere Window Company obviously hold stocks of double glazing profiles which the new legislation is rendering obsolete after 30th September 2010. Had the industry had more notice it could have run down its stocks over a sensible period of time. In addition, companies with double glazing showrooms will have to replace all the products that are being discontinued if they are to on display products which comply with the new more thermally efficient requirements of Part L which come into force on all windows and doors installed on or after 1st October 2010.

Regardless of if a company is a double glazing manufacturer, supplier or installer, each individual business immediately faces the moral dilemma of whether or not to advise each of their customers that the majority of them have bought products for their homes which will no longer be available from 1st October 2010. It was a no brainer for the family owned and run Hazlemere Group who last week sent letters to every single one of their customers informing them about the implications for UK property owners of the Part L changes, along with an explanatory information leaflet on how these major legal revisions to the Building Regulations will affect home owners. Fortunately the Hazlemere Group have been manufacturing, supplying and installing energy efficient energy savings windows since 2007, so are geared up for the challenge, with a wide range of BFRC and Energy Saving Trust approved “A”, “B” and “C” energy rated double glazed windows.

Since sending the mailing, Hazlemere Windows received calls from customers wanting to order windows and doors of the same specification and finish they already have had fitted in their properties. Given the short time frame, it could well end up being the case of first come, first served, as double glazing manufacturers can only survey, fabricate and install a finite number of double glazed windows and doors between now and 30th September 2010, the last day products can be installed which only comply with the existing Building Regulations, but which do not comply with the new ones that come into effect on 1st October 2010.

Download a PDF of a Part L 2010 Changes Information Factsheet


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