Double glazing assists property sales adding value

Property Double Glazed With Buttermilk Coloured Aluminium Windows
Property Double Glazed With Heritage Range Buttermilk Coloured Aluminium Windows
During recessionary times, the usual trend is for property prices to fall, which if all your investments are in property, can be rather depressing and restrict your options. With more and more people needing to sell their homes in difficult economic times to release their investment capital, or to downsize to a property they can afford, it is therefore harder to sell properties, especially if they are not in good nick to be able to compete against the better presented fully refurbished homes.

Consequently, if you have plans to sell your home at some point in the near future, it is wise to do it up before you put it on the market, so when you do, you are in an excellent position, not only get the best price for your property by ensuring it is in tip top condition, but also to sell it quickly. Imagine yourself as a potential buyer looking round your home. Think about the features of your house that may need addressing to present it as comfortable, well maintained and in good decorative order. Likewise, the external fabric of your property needs to genuinely provide long lasting protection against harsh weather conditions, providing a warm and secure family home. If it doesn’t it will be highlighted by your purchasers survey, who may well want to either walk away or at best re-negotiate hard on the agreed selling price.

Since the doors and adjacent windows are the entrance and exit paths going in and out of your property, potential buyers are likely to notice them particularly, especially if they are not double glazed and secure. It is a fact that decent double glazing with frames that blend in with the property and area make a house more saleable, and therefore add value. This is never more so than nowadays, with Government Building Regulations legally obligating property owners to fit highly energy saving energy efficient replacement windows and doors. Double glazed windows are essential in making homes warm and secure, whilst delivering significant savings on your heating bills.

Why is Double Glazing Such an Asset?

Double glazing protects properties from the extreme cold during winter whilst keeping the heat inside, so quality of life wise, double glazing is one of the best assets a home could have. The keyword is insulation, as double glazing insulates homes, cutting down heating bills, and by having the right glass fitted, stops unwanted heat gain on sunny days. Decent double glazing works by preventing the dispersion of heat through windows and doors because the second layer of glass that is laid upon over the first layer of glass in simple terms prevents the heat from escaping. These two pieces of glass trap the air that is in-between and act as insulators. These insulators prevent the heat from escaping out through thin walls such as the windows and doors, plus prevent condensation from getting inside your property. Basically the heat generated by the property’s heating system, is virtually all kept in, optimizing your heating system’s performance, reducing energy consumption and cutting down your running costs.

Another advantage of installing double glazing is that it keeps out unwanted noise, especially important if your property is near a road, railway, school, industrial estate or source of noise. This is another reason why double glazing serves as a wise long term investment for property owners and why it is so sought after by home buyers.

Double Glazing Helps Towards a Decent Energy Rating

Finally, if you are selling your home you are legally required to supply potential buyers with an Energy Performance Certificate. This is an important document, as an Energy Performance Certificate delivers buyers an independent assessment on the energy efficiency rating of your particular premises, another reason why fitting double glazing will help you sell your home as is lets face it, it is one of the essential things you will want your new home to have!


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