Reflective double glazing and plenty of ventilation the key to a pleasant conservatory living environment

White UPVC Conservatory With Cavity Brick Dwarf Wall
Example of a standard UPVC Conservatory
When we sit directly in the sun, we know that in order to prevent sunburn we need to either put on suncream, a t-shirt, a hat or sit underneath a sun umbrella. The same principle applies to conservatories. If you want to protect the living space inside a conservatory from heat build up, there are certain preventative measures you should take, especially if the position of your conservatory is directly in the sun’s path for a significant period of the day (i.e south facing).

Firstly, my advice is to research the different types of reflective double glazing available (like Pilkington Activ Self Cleaning Glass), and choose the one that is best suited your conservatory’s aspect. Secondly, opt for a Low E Argon gas filled sealed unit, as in Winter, you want double glazing that will deliver the highest level of thermal performance possible to retain heat and cut down on your energy bills. Thirdly, ensure you build in at least one roof vent into your conservatory design (add more when building larger conservatories), as these act like chimneys and enable all the heat that builds up underneath the glass roof on sunny days to escape.

Ventilation is absolutely key, so incorporate as many opening window vents as possible in the conservatory, so you can establish an airflow on hot days to create a breeze effect that allows warm air to escape. If, after having built in all these heat reducing mechanisms, the temperature is still not to your liking, you can also fit conservatory roof blinds with a reflective top coating to cut down solar gain on hot summer days. It is also wise to install external French doors or sliding patio doors or bi-folding, between the conservatory and the garden, to let in fresh air, but more importantly to deliver a practical, pleasant and “al fresco” living space.


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