Resultant energy savings offset fitting double glazing

Installing energy efficient replacement double glazing, not only helps you cut your home’s carbon footprint, reduces energy bills, but also makes your property greener. However, as you can appreciate, to offset the capital investment of home improvements, one has to either stay in the property for a decent period of time to reap the benefits, or sell for a profit.

In a helpful article on entitled “How to offset the cost of double glazing with energy savings” it states that “the Energy Saving Trust estimates that around one-half of a property’s heat loss stems from inadequate insulation in lofts and walls. This means that insulation and double glazing are essential home improvements if you are seriously looking at lowering your energy bills.

Double glazing can reduce the amount of heat lost through windows by half – so in addition to saving money on electricity and gas, you’ll probably also feel warmer during the cold months!

Energy efficient windows work by creating an insulating barrier in the gap between two sheets of glass. However, depending on the style of window and the materials used – as well as factors such as how much sunlight passes through the glass or how airtight the windows are – different products can vary in effectiveness.

You’ll want to make sure you shop around for the best windows for your green home – it may be worth having a look at the window energy rating scheme supplied by some manufacturers before you make your decision. This works in a similar way to the ratings you may see on domestic appliances such as fridges and washing machines – an A-rating is the highest and means your windows will be the most efficient.

There are particular features you will want to look out for when choosing your new windows. The most important of these is glass type. You will want to opt for windows with low emissivity – sometimes labelled as Low-E – glass, as this can help to reduce the amount of heat that can get out.

It is also important to consider which gases are used in the gap between the two sheets of glass – substances such as krypton, xenon and argon are among the most effective. You will also want to consider the material your pane spacers are made from – as “warm edge” spacers contain very little metal, they are often a good choice.”

The excerpt from the article goes on to stress the importance of ensuring that property owners address any condensation issues that may pre-exist exist within any room, for as the article explains “You’ll also want to check whether you need to incorporate trickle vents in some of your replacement windows to make up for lost ventilation. Double glazed windows are more airtight than the original frame, so you’ll want to take controlled ventilation into consideration to avoid condensation build-up.”

Condensation is not caused by replacement windows, whatever they are made of it is caused by the lack of any or sufficient ventilation. For as the article states “There are plenty of advantages to having well-insulated windows. In addition to making your home more eco-friendly, you’ll also feel more comfortable, with fewer draughts. Insulation against unwanted outdoor noise is another benefit – and you’re also likely to notice a reduced build-up of condensation in cold weather.”

In conclusion the article summarizes that “the biggest advantage to having energy efficient windows is the amount of money you can save on your electricity and gas bills. Experts estimate that you can save up to £130 each year on utility costs by replacing every single-glazed window in a home with double glazing, as well as some 650kg of carbon dioxide emissions.

Whether you’re after a warmer property, lower bills or both, you’re sure to find that the savings you gain from installing energy efficient windows offset the cost of the home improvement – and you’re certain to enjoy your green home for many years to come!”


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