“Free” conservatory planning permission offer explained

Aluminium Lean to Conservatory Built by Hazlemere Windows
An Aluminium Conservatory Built by Hazlemere
Hazlemere Conservatories offer a free planning permission process to new clients wanting to build a conservatory. This is a major offer, which is worth £540 (£450 + 20% VAT). As there is lots of work involved, drawings, professional expertise (along with an awful lot of red tape!), plus loads of constantly changing rules and regulations, variations between different planning departments in different councils, this fee represents the amount of genuine work and fees involved.

Whilst the vast majority of Hazlemere conservatory customers do qualify for this massive benefit (please note free planning only considered/available on projects over £8,950), there are some properties whose circumstances and situations require even more work, and consequently, all this work cannot be done for nothing, particularly if the local council are minded not to grant planning permission, then both parties are flogging a dead horse!

Consequently, Hazlemere Conservatories do have terms and conditions that are applied in circumstances when there are any planning issues with a particular property and/or conservatory project. For example, Hazlemere’s Conservatory Design Consultants (and/or Surveyor) would need to have a discussion with a client on what would be the best approach any project if the property in question is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (ANOB) or Conservation Area, or there is a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) on an adjacent tree near to where the conservatory is planning to be sited, or if the property is near a watercourse, or is a Listed Building or a Party Wall Agreement is required with a neighbour etc.

As a general rule, Hazlemere are more than willing to provide customers with a completely free planning service, which is genuinely worth £540, as this is the MINIMUM non-refundable fee Hazlemere will require up-front, should a client still wish us to proceed with planning on the rare occasions that our investigations determine that planning permission is unlikely to be granted.

If a Building Regulations Application is required on any conservatory project (e.g. where it’s footprint is greater than 30 square metres, or there are no external doors being fitted between the property and the conservatory, or the heating system is not independent and heat/loss calculations are required), then a client will be advised of all the costs and processes involved before Hazlemere continue, as Hazlemere will not proceed in such circumstances without the agreement of the customer.

Obviously, if a client decides not to proceed with a conservatory order after Hazlemere have spent weeks/months obtaining planning permission for their property, the company not unreasonably, will expect to be fully reimbursed for this unrewarded success, time and the planning fees paid out, along with any surveyors or Building Regulation fees etc. As I am sure you can appreciate, double glazed conservatory manufacturers and installers like Hazlemere, offer free conservatory planning in order to build conservatories, not just to get a property owner a document that will enhance the value of their home!

The risk of offering “free conservatory planning” is virtually all on Hazlemere Conservatories side, as should they fail to obtain planning permission (without having previously advised the client the application was unlikely to be successful, which may require up-front payment to proceed), then Hazlemere will not seek to recover the planning fees they had spent with the local council. So whilst nothing is truly “free”, the Hazlemere offer is transparent, open and upfront, so every client knows where they stand.

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