Selecting right roof for a conservatory absolutely vital

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Get Your Conservatory Design Right First Time
With climate change, we all know that even in the UK when we sit directly in the sun, we know that in order to prevent sunburn we need to either put on sun cream or a t-shirt, then pop on a hat or sit underneath a sun umbrella in the shade. The same principle applies to conservatories.

To ensure one protects the living space inside a conservatory from heat build up, there are certain preventative measures one should take, especially if the conservatory is south facing, i.e. or is directly in the sun’s path for a significant period of every day. Getting the right design when building a conservatory is essential.

It is wise to research the different types of reflective double glazing available in the UK marketplace, such as Pilkington Activ Blue Self Cleaning Glass, then choose the one that is best suited for your particular conservatory’s aspect and design. Always choose a Low E Argon gas filled sealed unit, as in Winter months, you will want thermally efficient double glazing that delivers the highest level of thermal performance possible to cut down on the amount of heat lost, thereby reducing your energy bills.

It is sensible to build in to your conservatory’s roof design at least one roof vent (add more than one if building a large conservatory), as these act like chimneys, enabling the heat that builds up underneath the roof on sunny days to escape vertically.

Ventilation is absolutely essential, so as well as having a roof vent, ensure you incorporate as many opening window vents as possible in the conservatory, as these establish airflow on hot days to create a breeze effect that keeps you cool whilst at the same time allowing hot air to escape. If the temperature is still not to your liking after having built in all these heat reducing mechanisms, you may need to fit conservatory roof blinds that have a reflective top coating to cut down solar gain on hot British days.

It is also worth installing external French doors or sliding patio doors or bi-folding doors, between the conservatory and the garden, to let in fresh air, but more importantly so you create a practical and pleasant additional living space.

Less expensive conservatories often have polycarbonate roofs, but whilst these have improved over the years, they are just not as high quality as heat reflective double glazing, which although does cost a lot more initially, is worth every penny once the sun come out, and indeed when the time comes to clean your conservatory roof.

Getting the right sun protection for any conservatory is an important investment if you want this addition to your property to be habitable all year round, as if you don’t spend out on the right one it will be like sitting in the desert in the noonday sun without a t-shirt on!

Retrospectively, conservatory owners who have chosen a cheap alternative and are regretting it can a) fit a protective film (although this can often not last too long in the heat of the sun), b) fit not inexpensive reflective conservatory roof blinds or c) swop over all the roof sealed units, which can be a costly exercise. The least expensive option frankly is to get the specification right first time by opting for the best protective top you can afford for your conservatory.


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