UPVC replacement windows save energy and money

UPVC windows were initially created in reaction to the fact that conventional supplies of energy were diminishing and the window was one of the main causes of this. Frames used on old windows, such as timber and crittal steel windows, tended to become less and less reliable as time progressed, especially as they began to get older and consequently less thermally efficient. This resulted (and still results today in hundreds of thousands of UK properties) in draughts appearing in the home and an awful lot of energy being wasted. New windows counteract this, so it is essential from an energy saving point of view that all modern day homes invest in them to reduce costs and cut carbon emissions.

Today’s energy rated UPVC windows are specially constructed so that the glass and frames trap as much heat as possible so that homes stay insulated at all times. Modern glass, in say “A” rated UPVC windows, will transfer heat and energy created from the sun into your living space so that you will need to rely less often on your heating system, which in turn helps people save energy. The price of UK property owners energy bills will also decrease as a result of installing such highly efficient energy saving products, especially if done in conjunction with loft insulation and cavity wall insulation.

Energy Rated, Energy Saving UPVC Replacement Windows Come in a Range of Attractive Plain and Wood Effect Finishes
Energy Saving UPVC Replacement Windows Come in a Range of Attractive Finishes
Home owners carbon footprint will also be cut once modern new double glazed windows are fitted in those rooms they use and heat most regularly. This is better for the environment as a whole and will help ensure that traditional fossil fuels can hopefully be replenished for future use by younger generations of people.

Properties will never be more secure as they are once they have modern double glazed windows, conservatories or French doors installed. Today’s compliant double glazed windows come fitted with an extremely tough locking system designed to prevent anyone from breaking in. Once locked, it is incredibly hard for someone to gain access to one’s home as the UPVC window is also internally glazed so that the glass cannot be removed from the outside.

The sad truth though, if someone wants to get into a property, they can, whatever windows and doors you fit, as they can of course just break both panes of glass, but climbing through two panes of broken glass is not something fancied by any would be burglar! Prevention is better than cure, so the more secure windows and doors your property has, the better home security you will have.

The best thing about today’s replacement windows (assuming your installer does fit legal ones that conform to the current Building Regulations?) is that property owners won’t have to think about doing it again for the foreseeable future as the lifespan of a contemporary window is now quite phenomenal.

Hazlemere Windows have over 25 years experience offering the latest energy saving UPVC Windows, plus also manufacture and install “A” rated aluminium windows in a range of profiles and colour options. The entire range of UPVC and aluminium energy saving products are on display in their new 8,000 square foot showroom in High Wycombe, which is open seven days a week. There is always an experienced home improvement consultant on hand, should home owners want free expert help and advice, or indeed a free estimate based on their own sizes. When popping along, take photos of each elevation of the property, as this will enable Hazlemere’s consultation to provide the best possible advice based on each property’s actual requirements.


Our showrooms are our shop windows and we have invested heavily to create extensive displays that best showcase our large range of windows, doors and living spaces. You will receive a warm welcome, plus a proper coffee, and the choice to browse at your leisure without interruption.


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